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Webb Library accessibility

The Webb Library is between West Court and the Orchard, above the Roost Café Bar. It is a first floor room with a lift and step free access from either West Court or the Orchard.

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The Webb Library is in the southwest corner of the site, on the first floor above the Roost Café Bar. It can be accessed from the Orchard via the door to the right (west side) of the Roost Café Bar, or from West Court.

Entrance access

Approach from the Orchard: The surface of the approach to the doors either side of the Roost Café Bar is stone/concrete tiles and is uneven in places. The approach to either door has 7 unmarked steps with handrails on both sides, although the handrails are not at the recommended height of 90cm-100cm. The handrails are easy to grip and cover the full length of the stairs but do not extend horizontally beyond the first and last steps. The steps have a height of 18cm, which is within the recommended range, but their depth does not meet the recommended 30cm to 45cm.

There is a ramp with a slight gradient and no handrails, which bypasses the steps. At the top of the ramp, there is a level landing. Note that the ramp terminates close to the east-side door, which has a small 4cm step. From the ramp, step free access to the door on the west side is available through the external seating area of the Roost Café.

Doors from The Orchard: There are two doors, either side of the Roost Café, that lead through to the West Court courtyard, from which West Court can be accessed. The door on the east side (the side closest to the Porters' Lodge and First Court) has a 4cm step. The door on the west side is step free.

The door on the west side of the Roost provides step free access to West Court, the Webb Library, MCR, JCR, Roost Café, Brewery Room and toilets. There is no canopy or recess for weather protection. The entrance door contrasts visually with its surroundings and opens towards you (pull). It is push pad activated from the outside. The door opens automatically when exiting the building. The push pad button is located 100cm from the floor. The door is single width, heavy, and has a width of 97cm. If the door is locked, there is a key card reader at a height of 85cm.

The door on the east side of the Roost has an identical arrangement, with a push pad automatic door and key card access. However, it have a small lip and a 4cm step.

Approach from West Court: See West Court accessibility for information about the main West Court entrance. Once in West Court, the Webb Library can be accessed step free by crossing the West Court courtyard and entering the door next to the Roost Café. 

Access to West Court courtyard from West Court can be found next to the Bawden Room, which is ahead and to the right as you enter the main West Court entrance from Jesus Lane. The main doors to the courtyard open automatically, away from you. There is a push pad for entry, positioned at a height of 95cm from the floor. Although the doors are double-width, only one is unlocked, with a door opening width of 80cm. Additionally, there is a small threshold lip measuring 2cm or less in height. There is a slope with a very gentle incline before the doors.

The entrance situated at the northwest corner of the West Court courtyard gives access to the corridor next to the Roost Café and below the Webb Library. There is a steep ramp of 106cm before the door, although there is no canopy or recess for weather protection or a level landing at the top of the ramp. The entrance door contrasts visually with its surroundings and opens automatically towards you. Both entry and exit are facilitated by push pads, positioned at 85cm and 116cm from the floor, respectively. The single-width door has a width of 106cm.

There is a similar entrance to the corridor on the other side of the Roost Café (the northeast corner of the courtyard), but this entrance is further from the door from West Court and does not have a push pad automatic door.

Stairs: The stairs are situated ahead upon entry via the west door from the Orchard, approximately 1m from it. They are clearly visible upon entering and grant access to floors G, 1, 2, and 3. With 15 or more steps between each floor, their height falls within the recommended range of 15cm to 18cm, although their depth is not between the recommended 30cm to 45cm. The steps lack clear markings and do not feature handrails for support. Each floor transition includes a landing, where clear signage indicating facilities is provided. Lighting levels along the steps vary. There is a near-identical set of stairs from the corridor on the other side of the Roost Café.

Lift: The lift is  situated to the left on entering via the west door from the Orchard. Positioned approximately 4 meters from the entrance, this standard lift provides access to floors G, 1, 2, and 3 without the need to notify staff. It lacks a clear level manoeuvring space of 150cm × 150cm in front. It has contrasting doors that stand out against the walls. External controls are positioned within 90cm - 110cm from the floor, though the colour contrast between the controls and the control plate or wall is poor. The lift has a clear door width of 79cm and dimensions of 108cm x 140cm, with separate entry and exit doors. Internal controls are located within 90cm - 120cm from the floor. It offers a list of floor services, visual floor indicator, and audible announcer. Braille and tactile markings are provided, however, there is no hearing loop system. Lighting within the lift ranges from moderate to good.

Inside the room

The room is clearly labelled with upper and lower case lettering near the door. The corridor outside the room falls short of the recommended width of 150cm to allow wheelchair users to pass. There is step-free entry into the room, and the door opening width exceed 75cm, however, the door is not push pad activated. 

A hearing assistance system is available upon request from the Porters' Lodge. There is no visual fire alarm beacon within the room. 

There is no fixed furniture. The clear floor space beneath tables varies between 35cm and 66cm. Chairs with armrests on both sides are not provided. The room does offer an unobstructed minimum turning space of 150cm x 150cm, albeit with uneven floor coverings.

Closest toilets

For detailed information about the facilities in each accessible toilet, see Accessible toilets.

The closest accessible toilet can be found on the first floor, on the west side of the Webb Library, near the lift. 

The closest standard toilets are on the first floor, in the opposite corner of the landing outside the Webb Library.

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